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MorningStar Studios - A premiere recording studio owned and operated by 2x Grammy Award-winning engineer-producer Glenn Barratt. Located just minutes from Philly.

Studio recording, remote recording, music production, editing, media transfers, mixing, mastering, duplication. We can accommodate any size project. Call us with any questions or for further details.

Morningstar Studios • 3150 Sunset Ave. • East Norriton, PA 19403

Studios: Neve Room

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Studios: Euphonix Room

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Glenn Barratt

Owner • Engineer • Producer

Dave Schonauer

Engineer • Producer

Lizanne Knott


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Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Transfers, Remote Recording

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Equipment and Gear

Coming Soon

Morningstar Studios simply has the best selection of recording equipment, microphones and gear available.

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How About More Uke? - The Curt Sheller Jazz Trio Recorded August-September, 2015

Recorded by Dave Schonauer and Glenn Barrett, Mixed and Master by Glenn Barrett

  • Curt Sheller - Ukulele (Yes that is a `ukulele)
  • Eric Schreiber - Bass
  • Ed Rick - Drums

10 Minute Demo

It was an outstanding experience recording at Morningstar and working with Glenn and Dave. Morningstar Studios was a great asset in getting our project out to the world and showing that you can do more with a `ukulele. And, you'll learn a lot from a masters like Glenn.

You can probably find a cheaper studio - but you won't find a better studio and you will actually be surprised at how affordable and fast they are. - Curt Sheller

More Samples Coming Soon...

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Amazing studio and the best folks in the world!! Glenn is a master in the studio and an expert in engineering, mixing, production and mastering.. I’m really proud of the EP we recorded together "The Calm & The Storm" and I'd trust Glenn with any project. Plus it was a GREAT studio hang and a blast to make the music, Cheers to Morningstar! - Jesse Terry
Great facilities and Glenn is GREAT to work with! I felt challenged to bring out the best I had to offer! - Dave Renz
Morningstar Studios have been the greatest since I first walked in 20 years ago. I would trust nobody else to do the work I need to get done. - Maurice Donielle Williams
I love recording at Morning Star Studios because Glenn, the engineer is so facil with the software that he can fix notes on the fly. He also has a great ear and will help with harmonic issues or vocal challenges. We get a lot of recording done per hour because of his skill with the software. The reason I don't give him 5 of 5 stars is because he doesn't play 150 accompaniment instruments and I have to hire more musicians to get them. He has never dropped good music or blown a recording. He is one of the best. - anonymous
Glen has put together a gem of a studio. In an era when studios have gone broke, Morning Star Studios breaks the mold. - anonymous

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Morningstar Studios
3150 Sunset Ave.
East Norriton, PA 19403


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